Freedom to Operate Search/clearance Search

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search or a Clearance search is performed to recognize the organizations or the associations and their individual licenses which can discourage the commercialization of the patent in the desired jurisdiction. In case there are any blocking licenses, the organization can arrange or in-permit the covering protected innovation prior to launching the item to stay away from infringement. As a general rule, this kind of search is led prior to commercialization an item in the jurisdiction space important to guarantee that the item doesn't infringe any licensed innovation later. The best outcomes from the opportunity to work search will be conceded patent covering with the innovation of interest.

Why FTO Search ?

So When Innovator need to assess potential infringement or next phase of technical development prior to a product launch or to plan out your next phase of technical development FTO analysis conducted. DS IP’s Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches are designed to help Innovator identify potential infringing prior art that need to be invalidate or in-licensed. It also help to guide product design decisions and/or uncover design around technologies.

Why DS IP for FTO ?

Databases :

Using all Free and commercial paid databases such as Derwent, Questel Orbit and Scifinder our Professional searches exhaustively by methodology and includes all relevant results requires to project.

Detailed Report :

FTO reports delivered by DS IP focus especially on claims of a patent and search usually restricted to the jurisdiction. If Innovator required global FTO than we also conducted. The results are summaries in a documented comprehensible format, including a detailed search strategy and Key insight with summary of results which helps our clients to quickly go through to result and conclusion.

Legal Status :

The legal status of the respective results is also provided, allowing you to see whether the patent is active, published, pending, or expired. For the most part, live patents or patents that are now in force are employed for analysis. In addition, we go above and above to protect patents with term extensions.

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