A patent landscape is a search for information on a specific technology field. Many businesses hire patent landscape to build an internal database of relevant patents centered on the technologies they're interested in. The patent landscape trends can be highly useful for making corporate decisions, R&D decisions, collecting insights into rivals, assisting R&D teams, and determining the white space. The landscape analysis is particularly beneficial for identifying gaps in the area of interest while designing a new product or during research and development. To acquire a complete understanding of the technology, the patent landscape is frequently combined with the non-patent landscape.

Why landscaping ?

For making judgments on mergers and acquisitions, as well as hiring and team building.
To make decisions on in-license and out-license opportunities.
When considering entering a new technological or business domain.
When selecting where future R&D resources should go.
When looking to expand patent portfolios into additional jurisdictions.

Why DS IP for Landscaping ?

The patent search is conducted using commercial and non-commercial patent databases. The search begins with relevant keywords and synonyms, then moves on to class-based searches, assignee-inventor searches, and citation searches. Searches in other languages are also carried out. The number of outcomes is determined by the invention's nature. Broad or old technologies can produce thousands of results, whereas narrow or new technologies can produce hundreds or even tens. Following the completion of the search, the results are thoroughly reviewed, and the valid results are categorized into taxonomy or a well-thought-out technology tree as decided by our team or provided by client. In addition to the patents that have been classified, the DS IP reports typically provide pertinent trends and insights.

We deliver thorough Patent Landscape analysis reports for our clients:

Major Assignee/Keyplayer
Growth trends
Jurisdiction analysis
Filing Trend
Major dominance of technology/Product/Formulation/API
Heat maps of pictorial representation showing assignee wise geographical distribution of patents
SWOT analysis
Emerging technologies

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