Patentability Search

DSIP Patentability Search service is designed with goal to provide you the relevant prior art cost effectively and at the right time.

If you are the Attorney for patent prosecution at a corporation, Or an inventor with an idea, than Patentability Search report is the such powerful report that will take your innovation(s) forward and win results that actually matter.

Why Patentability Search?

It can facilitate in Patent Filing because it discover prior art and confirm if the subject matter is patentable or not which save supernumerary price on patent drafting and filing.
To decide the optimal patent claims searches give you the information needed to file the claims broadly or narrowly.
It will help speed up the prosecution process by reducing chances of office actions.
It Enhance inventions/ design around that modify R&D groups to get potential enhancements to the invention additionally as design round the existing prior-art.

Why DS IP for Patentability ?

Databases :

Using all Free and commercial paid databases such as Derwent, Questel Orbit and Scifinder our Professional searches exhaustively by methodology and includes all relevant results requires to project.

Detailed Report :

Patentability reports delivered by DS IP services focused on Relevant Publication including Non patent Literature and Patent Literature. The results are summaries in a documented comprehensible format, including a detailed search strategy and Key insight with summary of results which helps our clients in quickly viewing relevant results.

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