State of the Art search

The term "state of the art" refers to information that is already in the public domain, whether it be in the form of a patent, scientific publication, or a finished product. The goal of a state-of-the-art search is to get a thorough view of a particular technical field. Depending on your interests, this type of search can cover patents from all over the world or from a specific Jurisdiction. These are sears.

Why Tech scouting?

To reduce competitiveness, risk factors, and profitability associated with the technology of interest while entering a new technology field.
Streamline the research and development process:
To identify present rivals and potential collaborators, as well as a review of previous work in the relevant technology
A company can also conduct a State of the Art search to learn about new development learnings, ongoing projects, current opportunities, and potential threats to their business.

Purpose & Use

State of the Art search (SOA) refers to information already existing in the public domain, be it in the form of patent, scientific literature or any existing product. The state of the art search is conducted to attain a comprehensive perspective of a particular technology area. This type of search can cover patents worldwide or from a particular geographical area, depending on interest. These searches are extensive, but not as vast as a landscape survey, which covers a lot of ground but rarely gets into detail. We narrow the surface area to be covered and dig in-depth to address certain specific concerns provided by business, R&D, or legal teams about a particular technology in a state of the art search. Difference between SOA & Landscape search: The main distinction between a SOA and a patent landscape, on the other hand, is the study's depth or amount of information. An SOA is a subset of a patent landscape, where the landscape comprises a more detailed analysis and graphical representations of technology trends. As, both of these studies are meant to guide business/research strategy and provide a competitive advantage over competitors, the phrases are frequently interchanged. Both sorts of searches are conducted with a greater scope in order to create a thorough search that includes a review of every patent and scientific literature in the technology area of interest.

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